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Cambridgeshire Roofing Q&A Section

Roofing Only Questions

What types of roofing materials do you use?
What roofing materials are available at Cambridgeshire Roofing?

We offer several types of roofing materials, including natural slate and synthetic alternatives.

We are delighted to have a comprehensive selection of roofing materials available, including traditional and modern options. Our team is proud to provide our clients with a broad range of products to ensure they can find the roofing material that fits their specific needs and preferences while also promoting sustainability. All of our roofing materials have been sourced reliably and have been produced with longevity in mind, allowing all of our clients to make long-term roofing investments.

Are your roofing services covered by insurance?
Do we have insurance coverage for our roofing services?

Yes, all of our work is covered by insurance.

Here at Cambridgeshire Roofing, we provide comprehensive insurance coverage of up to £10,000,000 Employers Liability and £5,000,000 Public Liability through a leading insurance company. This coverage guarantees that any unforeseen events or accidents that may occur during roofing work will be covered, minimising the financial and legal implications for our clients. Our staff will make sure that you have a complete understanding of our insurance coverage options, allowing you to proceed with your roofing project with peace of mind.

We reached out to the team to have our roof repaired after some storm damage. They were quick and helpful, fixing all the damage in no time. Highly recommend!

Clarke Abel


Hired Cambridgeshire Roofing to install a new roof onto our home extension and couldn’t be happier with the results! Great looking flat roof complete with a guttering system.

Mr and Mrs Smith


Needed to have our old pitched roof re-tiled and the team at Cambridgeshire Roofing were able to help. Gorgeous new tiles fitted quickly as well as new fascias and soffits. Would definitely hire again.



Our chimney started to leak and looked unstable, so we contacted your team and they got to us much quicker than expected. Chimney was fixed and the leak stopped – very pleased!

Abbie and Max


Carried out a quick yet thorough survey on our roof and found that there were some loose tiles. Managed to fix the damage before it got any worse. Will be hiring in the future.

Jonathan Giles


We contacted Cambridgeshire Roofing for more information on their pitched roof options. Their friendly team helped us to decide on stunning tile options before having the new roof installed. Great service.

Mark Simpson


What are the signs that a roof needs repair or replacement?
What signs indicate the need for roof repair or replacement?

Leaking and cracks are major signs of damage.

Bad weather can cause various roof problems, such as water leaks and cracks, both of which are major contributors to long-term roof damage. We advise clients to look out for both of these signs of damage, particularly in the covering of their roofs. Early detection helps clients to avoid expensive roofing repairs or replacements becoming necessary. We provide expert advice on maintenance and repair work to ensure that clients’ roofs stay in excellent condition for longer.

Do you offer financing or payment plans for roofing services?
Do we provide financing or payment plans for our roofing services?

Yes, we offer flexible finance options to all commercial clients.

The experts at Cambridgeshire Roofing understand that each of our commercial customers has unique financial needs. It’s for this reason that we offer a flexible finance scheme to help them access our roofing services without worrying about immediate payment. Through this program, our commercial clients can pay over an extended period, making our services more affordable and accessible. Our finance scheme is tailored to our client’s specific requirements, allowing them to receive high-quality roofing services while maintaining financial stability.

Why Choose Us?

Flexible Finance Options

We recognise the need for flexible financing options for our commercial clients.

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With over 30 years of experience, Cambridgeshire Roofing has honed its skills and expertise to provide top-quality roofing services

Guarantees on All New Roofs

Rest easy knowing that all New Roofs come with insurance backed Guarantees

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Expert and Impartial Advice

Our staff will offer expert advice to get you the best possible roof.

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How often should a roof be inspected for damage?
How often should a roof be inspected for damage?

Your roof should be visually inspected once a month and thoroughly examined twice annually.

We at Cambridgeshire Roofing recommend monthly visual inspections on your roof, with a more thorough examination in Autumn and Spring. Regular inspections help keep roofs in good condition and prevent costly repairs. Our expert roof inspections can identify issues that may have been missed during regular inspections. Through our inspection services, clients can rest assured their roofs are being cared for by professionals, with all potential problems being addressed before they worsen.

How do you ensure safety during the roofing process?
How do we ensure safety during roofing projects?

We have safety protocols in place that are overseen by qualified specialists.

Our top priority is safety in roofing work. We have a Tech IOSH-qualified Health & Safety consultant who approves all work, and we issue a full Risk Assessment and Method Statement to our employees before work begins. Our stringent safety protocols ensure employees are aware of risks and how to mitigate them, resulting in high-quality and safe roofing projects. Clients can trust us to complete their roofing projects with the utmost care, as we’re committed to their safety and well-being.

Do you offer maintenance services for roofs?
Do we offer roof maintenance services?

Yes, we offer maintenance through our Cyclic Maintenance program.

At Cambridgeshire Roofing, we provide a comprehensive maintenance service via our Cyclic Maintenance program, which includes a full survey with photos and a written report. Our program can be carried out at any time and is designed to prolong the life of our client’s roofs, preventing costly repairs in the future. Our maintenance program is tailored to our client’s needs, ensuring their roofs are well-maintained and in good condition. We always check our maintenance work thoroughly to make sure that it meets our high standards.

Are there any steps that homeowners can take to extend the life of their roofs?
What steps can homeowners take to prolong the life of their roofs?

Inspections, cleaning, and general maintenance work.

Regular maintenance is necessary, including clearing gutters and ensuring downpipes and outlets are unobstructed. Our general maintenance services cover these steps and are essential to prevent costly repairs, keep roofs in good condition, and extend their lifespan. We advise our clients to undertake regular maintenance measures, and we offer useful services to ensure that their roofs are well-maintained. By taking the right steps, homeowners can prevent future roofing problems and keep their roofs in excellent condition for years to come.

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Do you offer emergency roofing services?
Do we offer emergency roofing services?

Yes, we are available for emergency roofing solutions.

Cambridgeshire Roofing offers immediate response to urgent repair requests and carries out a survey without delay. Our team will ensure that temporary repairs are made until a permanent fix can be completed. We understand that your roof will need to be fixed as quickly as possible to make sure that your home is protected sufficiently, which is why we always work with speed and efficiency. Our clients can be confident that their roofing emergencies will be resolved swiftly and effectively with our emergency roofing services.

What is your experience with different types of roofing systems?
What is our expertise with various roofing systems?

We can complete a wide variety of challenging roofing projects successfully.

We at Cambridgeshire Roofing take pride in providing quality workmanship and excellent customer service on all projects. Our experienced roofing professionals receive full training to handle any project, whether it involves commercial metal deck roofs or standard domestic house roofs. Our team’s expertise and professionalism ensure that all roofing work is completed to a high standard. Whether it’s a commercial or residential roofing project, our clients can rest assured that their roofing needs will be met with skill and expertise.

How do you handle debris and waste from the roofing process?
How are debris and waste handled during roofing projects?

Our staff disposes of all waste safely and responsibly.

At Cambridgeshire Roofing, we take care of all waste and debris generated during the roofing process, ensuring that the site is thoroughly cleaned up upon completion. We understand that waste and debris can accumulate during roofing projects, and we make sure that our client’s premises are left in excellent condition. With our commitment to maintaining a clean and safe work environment, our clients can rest assured that their roofing projects will be completed efficiently and with minimal disruption.

What is your process for assessing a roof’s condition and providing a quote for repairs or replacement?
What is our process for assessing and quoting roof repair or replacement?

We conduct thorough roof surveys before delivering accurate cost quotes.

The team at Cambridgeshire Roofing will begin by scheduling a site visit to discuss the customer’s needs and conduct a full roof survey. We provide a comprehensive quotation that includes access costs, such as scaffolding, and details of the required work. Clients will be left with a clear understanding of the project’s scope and associated costs. Our professionals ensure that every roofing project is accurately assessed and quoted, making sure that the proposed cost meets our clients’ budgets.

Cambridgeshire Roofing Q&A Section

Roofing Involving Scaffolding Questions

Will scaffolding be necessary for my roofing project?
Will your roof project require scaffolding?

Our team will assess if scaffolding is required for safety purposes.

Cambridgeshire Roofing’s in-house Health & Safety consultant assesses each roofing project meticulously, ensuring that a scaffold is used whenever necessary to prevent injuries or accidents. Our experts prioritise the safety of all involved in every project, so we’ll always recommend scaffolding if it’s needed.

Will the cost of scaffolding be included in the roofing quote?
Do our quotes include the cost of scaffolding?

Yes, our quotes include any scaffolding costs.

The team Cambridgeshire Roofing includes the cost of scaffolding, if required, in all roofing quotes. We will make sure that a viable scaffolding solution is presented that accounts for the budget of your roofing project. You can depend on our staff to be clear and transparent will all scaffolding-related costs.

Who is responsible for obtaining the necessary permits for erecting the scaffolding?
Who obtains permits for scaffolding installation?

Our scaffolding partners will obtain the relevant scaffolding installation permits.

Partnering with a professional scaffolding company, Cambridgeshire Roofing ensures that all necessary permits are obtained, adhering to local regulations. This approach helps to reduce any risks or delays that might occur due to non-compliance.

What safety measures will be taken during the scaffolding process?
What scaffolding safety measures do we take?

Risk Assessments and Method Statements.

A full Risk Assessment and Method Statement is completed by our partner scaffolding company to identify and address potential hazards before work begins. We are committed to ensuring a safe working environment for all of our staff and clients.

How high will the scaffolding be?
How high will the scaffolding need to be?

The scaffolding height will be chosen depending on the specifics of your roofing project.

The scaffolding height is carefully chosen to enable Cambridgeshire Roofing’s employees to access the worksite safely. We will make sure that all scaffolding has secure platforms erected correctly throughout in the event of falls.

What are the requirements for storing materials on the scaffolding?
Are there material storage requirements for scaffolding?

Yes, materials must be stored correctly on scaffolding.

To ensure worker and passer-by safety, Cambridgeshire Roofing safely stacks and secures materials on the scaffold with brick guards and debris netting if necessary. Specific storage requirements will be decided according to the Health & Safety consultant’s assessment.

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We will introduce you to the vast range of roofing options that we have available and help you come up with a suitable design. 



After settling on a new roof for your home, our team will visit your site on a convenient date to have it installed quickly and professionally. 

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